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Top esports tournaments in the world

Presently, esports has become a captivating phenomenon, drawing the attention of worldwide online gamers who relish the thrill of global competition on their PCs and gaming consoles. This burgeoning interest has piqued the curiosity of online bettors, leading them to engage in esports betting where gamers participate in online competitions. These competitive gaming events are live-streamed, featuring tournaments, teams, and skilled professionals battling it out.

Although professional gaming has not attained official sports status, its popularity remains substantial. The excitement surrounding esports continues to grow, with events attracting tens of thousands of spectators. In this exploration, 96in is an important platform for wagers who want to delve into the largest global esports tournaments and start betting on different esports events.

List of biggest esports tournaments in the world to 

When it come to the global esports tournaments, there are numerous games on the market. But only a few games are suitable for the tournament format. Where gamers from different region of globe to participate and win the tournament.

League of Legends

Known as LoL, League of Legends is a popular free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Operating as a real-time strategy game, two teams engage in fierce competition on an arena-style map, vying to dominate each other’s bases.

Competitions typically unfold on divided 5v5 maps, each team claiming a half with a central structure. The primary goal is to seize the adversary’s central structure.

A typical League of Legends match spans 15 to 60 minutes, employing best-of-1, best-of-3, or best-of-5 formats, resembling CS:GO. Riot Games, the developer of LoL, frequently orchestrates esports tournaments within the League of Legends community.

Fortnite World Cup

In 2019, Fortnite, a groundbreaking and widely embraced phenomenon, revolutionized esports. Hosted by Epic Games, the inaugural tournament offered an unprecedented $30 million prize pool, drawing 200 competitors into intense solo and duo events. This historic moment saw the rise of Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a singular esports athlete who clinched victory in the solo category, securing a remarkable $3 million prize and etching his name in gaming history.

The duo event champions shared a prize pool of $3 million, highlighting robust viewership that peaked at 2.3 million. gives you plenty of betting options available for esports enthusiasts. You can easily do wagering on this tournament, as 96in offers expert opinion, a variety of games from esports to casino, slots, cards, and other sports such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, kabaddi, and more.

Dota 2

Featuring a diverse roster of over a hundred heroes, the game offers a rich and strategic experience. Dota 2, a real-time strategy MOBA by Valve, shares similarities with League of Legends in gameplay mechanics. Like its counterpart, Dota 2 aims to seize the enemy’s base. However, Dota 2 distinguishes itself with a heightened emphasis on tactical gameplay, minimizing dependence on individual characters. 

Before getting into wagering on this esports game, you need to know about the format of the game. Teams of five compete in the game, with each round lasting 15 to 60 minutes. The tournament format varies based on the event, featuring a double knockout system where a team faces elimination only after two losses. 96in mobile app gives you all the required information to understand the game deeply.

Honor of Kings Champion Cup

Arena of Valor demonstrates the impactful role of modest hardware in esports, making a significant mark in tournaments. Initially created for the Chinese market, it emerged as a formidable contender against the well-established mobile MOBA, Vainglory.

The game swiftly gained popularity, reaching unprecedented heights with approximately 100 million concurrent players. Evolving into an esports powerhouse, its recent Champion Cup event featured a substantial $7.7 million prize pool, accompanied by a commendable viewership ranging from 700,000 to 800,000.

The International

No shock for esports enthusiasts that TI reigns supreme. Dota 2, a premier MOBA title under Valve, dominates the industry with its annual event boasting the highest prize pools. TI stands out not only for its gaming excellence but also for being under the Valve umbrella, securing its top position in the competitive gaming scene.

The International stands as the largest endowed eSports event globally, featuring a $25.5 million prize pool in the Dota2 tournament. Team OG, securing first place, claimed $11.2 million, while the two bottom finishers each received $63,580. Despite Valve organizing the event, the bulk of the prize money originated from fan contributions through in-game purchases, constituting the major share. Notably, in 2018, organizers only contributed $1.6 million themselves.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO, short for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is a tactical online shooter where two teams, each comprising five players, vie for control over maps.

The predominant gameplay revolves around bomb defusal: “terrorists” plant and safeguard a bomb site, while “counter-terrorists” aim to thwart them by defusing the bomb. Successful detonation earns terrorists points. Roles switch after a set number of rounds.

The teams engage in 30 rounds; the initial to secure 16 triumphs in a set. In a best-of-three, the first to claim two sets emerges victorious in the match. In a best-of-five, the team securing three sets prevails, advancing to the next round.

Call of Duty League

Despite not reaching the heights of viewership, compared to other games. Call of Duty’s undeniable longevity has set it apart. Since 2013, the game has consistently hosted successful tournaments, highlighting its enduring appeal and competitive significance, making it a resilient presence in the gaming landscape.

The Call of Duty World League Championship underwent a significant transformation in 2020. Previously attracting 200K-300K viewers with a $2 million prize pool, the COD League 2020 saw remarkable growth. Featuring a substantial $4.6 million prize pool and a slight uptick in viewership, it emphasized Call of Duty’s rising prominence in esports. This solidified its position as a premier esports tournament, surpassing past benchmarks and firmly establishing itself in competitive gaming. Betting enthusiasts can participate in this event by registering on

PUBG Mobile Global Championship

Despite the remarkable esports success of the primary game, PUBG’s mobile adaptation surpasses the original, primarily due to its accessibility on Android and iOS. Furthermore, its expansive player community, particularly in Southeast Asia, significantly contributes to its heightened popularity.

In 2021, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship boasted a substantial $3.5 million prize pool, achieving a remarkable peak viewer record of 3.8 million. This remarkable feat secured its position among the top 5 most-watched esports tournaments in history, underscoring the event’s significance in the competitive gaming landscape.

Free Fire World Series

In view of statistics alone, the Free Fire World Series would unequivocally claim the top spot, maintaining its position until a rival esports tournament amasses sufficient viewership to surpass it.

The 2021 world event in Singapore set a record with a peak viewership of 5.4 million for the series. In addition to this remarkable achievement, the event maintained an average viewership of 2 million and boasted a respectable $2 million prize pool. Most importantly, this game keeps people interested and bettors at 96in. Com enjoy it a lot.


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As of September 2023, 'The International 2021' stands out as the eSport tournament boasting the highest-ever prize pool, exceeding 40 million U.S. dollars.
The 2023 LoL World Championship attains record-breaking viewership as the most-watched esports tournament, with a peak audience surpassing 6.4 million. YouTube registers a peak viewership of 3.2 million, exceeding the previous 2020 record of two million.
Surprisingly, despite Fortnite's prominence as the flagship video game of 2018, it doesn't rank among the top earners in tournaments. Dota, and its variations, notably Dota 2, dominate the esports scene, emerging as the most lucrative games. In the realm of competitive gaming, Dota2 stands out as the primary source of financial success.
China, often shrouded in secrecy, is unequivocally recognized as a top-tier esports powerhouse.
In 2022, the United States dominated global eSports, boasting over 3.7 thousand active competition players and securing the top spot in player participation. China and Brazil trailed behind with 1.7 thousand and 1.38 thousand professional eSports players, respectively.