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List of top volleyball tournaments around the world

Volleyball enjoys widespread global popularity, boasting a diverse fan base across continents, and so does volleyball betting. Its immense appeal can be attributed to factors like international participation, global competitions, Olympic prominence, accessibility, dynamic play, emotional engagement, and the success of national teams. The sport’s thrilling international contests, worldwide participation, Olympic spotlight, and its inherently exciting nature collectively contribute to volleyball’s immense popularity worldwide.

Top 10 top volleyball leagues in the world to bet on

Here is the list of most popular volleyball leagues played around the globe to bet on

1. Italian Volleyball League (Serie A1)

The Serie A1, Italy’s premier volleyball league, is renowned as one of Europe’s most competitive. Hosting 14 teams, it attracts elite national and international players, establishing itself since 1946. The season, running from October to May, encompasses 182 regular season matches and variable playoff contests, all held in diverse indoor stadiums throughout Italy. The league’s fast-paced, engaging matches contribute to its popularity, making it a hotbed for top-tier volleyball talent and a spectacle for fans worldwide.

2. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

The NCAA, overseeing college sports in the United States, including volleyball, is a premier and fiercely competitive league globally. Comprising over 1,100 member colleges and universities, the NCAA is organized into three divisions—Division I, Division II, and Division III—catering to diverse athletic programs. With sponsorship for more than 24 sports, including Volleyball, the NCAA stands as a pinnacle of excellence. Not only does it orchestrate national championships, but it also serves as a stepping stone for players transitioning to professional careers. Beyond the athletic realm, the NCAA prioritizes the academic success of student-athletes, underscoring its commitment to holistic development. As a paramount force in collegiate sports, the NCAA shapes the landscape of athletic achievement and academic pursuit for countless individuals across the nation.

3. Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) World Tour

The Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) World Tour, orchestrated by FIVB, constitutes a premier professional beach volleyball circuit showcasing top-tier athletes globally. Encompassing about 40 tournaments annually, this tour spans diverse countries, creating a dynamic platform for competition. With a substantial total prize pool exceeding $6 million USD, the FIVB World Tour attracts elite beach volleyball talent. The competition unfolds through a structured format, commencing with pool play in the main draw and culminating in knockout stages. A sophisticated ranking system evaluates players’ performances, allocating points that subsequently define their world ranking. This multifaceted global tour not only exemplifies the pinnacle of beach volleyball but also fosters international camaraderie through its widespread and high-stakes competitions.

4. Russian Volleyball Super League

The Ashes, the world’s oldest cricket competition, unfolds biennially as a best-of-five test series between England and Australia. Hosted alternately by the teams, the month-long tournament comprises five-day tests. Revered in both nations, it stands as a premier test series globally, renowned for its exceptional quality. England and Australia, among the cricket elite, draw widespread enthusiasm from bookmakers and punters, amplifying the series’ popularity.

5. Brazilian Volleyball Superliga

The premier professional volleyball league in Brazil, the Brazilian Volleyball Superliga, known as Superliga Banco do Brasil for sponsorship, is renowned worldwide for its excellence. Established in 1994, the league encompasses both men’s and women’s divisions, featuring 12 teams each season. Employing a round-robin structure, teams compete twice against each other, leading to a playoff stage determining the ultimate champions among the top eight teams from the regular season. Running from October to April, with a pause for international events, the Superliga stands as a pinnacle in volleyball competitions, attracting attention for its competitive spirit and high-quality play.

6. Turkish Volleyball League

The Turkish Volleyball League, recognized as the Vestel Venus Sultans League, stands as one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most esteemed professional volleyball competitions. At its inception in 1984, it has burgeoned into a dynamic platform where premier players from Turkey and diverse nations vie annually for the coveted championship. This league comprises 12 teams each in the men’s and women’s categories, fostering a high-stakes sporting environment. Operating from October to April, the league adopts a rigorous double round-robin structure culminating in intense playoffs. The allowance of six foreign players per team, with two permitted on the court simultaneously, adds an international flair, enhancing the league’s competitive landscape. As a cornerstone of Turkish volleyball, the league’s popularity and rapid expansion underscore its significance within the broader European sporting arena.

7. Volleyball Nations League

The Volleyball Nations League (VNL) stands as a recent addition to the international sports scene, showcasing premier national volleyball teams worldwide. Rapidly gaining acclaim, it has evolved into one of the most esteemed and popular tournaments in the sport, drawing millions of viewers annually. Organized by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), the VNL emerged to replace the former FIVB World League and FIVB World Grand Prix tournaments, injecting new excitement and innovation into volleyball. The competition follows a round-robin format, featuring 16 nations (8 men’s and 8 women’s teams), with matches held across various countries globally. Running annually from May to July, the VNL has hosted its men’s tournament since 2018, marking a significant milestone for top national teams and contributing to the sport’s ongoing evolution.

8. Polish Volleyball League (PlusLiga)

The premier professional volleyball league in Poland, the PlusLiga, initiated in 2001 and overseen by the Polish Volleyball Association, stands as a pinnacle of global volleyball excellence. Comprising 16 teams, the league unfolds its fiercely competitive nature from October to April, spanning 30 matches per team in the regular season. The playoffs showcase a riveting format, encompassing Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and a culminating Finals series. Regarded as one of the foremost volleyball leagues worldwide, PlusLiga consistently upholds a standard of play that earns it international acclaim.

9. Korean Volleyball League

South Korea’s premier volleyball league, highly acclaimed worldwide for its fierce competition, includes six men’s and eight women’s teams. Running from October to March, the season involves a well-organized structure with regular and playoff phases. The men’s teams participate in 30 matches, and the women’s teams compete in 28 matches during the regular season. The league’s matches are held in various South Korean cities, utilizing different home venues for an engaging and dynamic sports spectacle.

10. Chinese Volleyball League

China’s premier professional volleyball competition, the Chinese Volleyball League (CVL) or Chinese Volleyball Super League (CVS), is the country’s top-tier volleyball event. Organized by the Chinese Volleyball Association (CVA), it features both male and female athletes, attracting top players from national and international spheres. Renowned globally, the league is fiercely competitive, with a demanding format comprising a regular season and playoffs. With 12 teams in each gender division, the CVL season lasts 4-6 months, captivating audiences worldwide with thrilling matches. Its popularity on the global stage is a testament to its elite talent and compelling gameplay.


For decades, volleyball has maintained its status as a globally beloved sport, boasting numerous professional leagues characterized by distinctive styles of play, rules, and regulations. Notable among these leagues are the FIVB Volleyball Nations League, EuroVolley, and the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Renowned for their unique attributes, these leagues draw elite volleyball players from diverse regions, fostering intense competition and thrilling spectacles for fans. The FIVB Volleyball Nations League, a premier international competition, showcases the prowess of nations. EuroVolley, focusing on European teams, adds its own flair, while the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour stands out for its beach setting and dynamic gameplay. The convergence of top-tier talent and varied playing environments contributes to the widespread popularity of these leagues, captivating fans worldwide and creating a vibrant scene for enthusiasts, including those engaged in sports betting on platforms like


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