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Top kabaddi tournaments played around the world

Kabaddi, among the oldest and most thrilling sports globally, traces its roots to ancient India, boasting centuries of play. Witnessing a surge in popularity, the sport has spawned diverse leagues worldwide. Premier Kabaddi competitions include the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), Kabaddi Masters, Kabaddi World Cup, Super Kabaddi League (SKL), Kabaddi Circle Cup, and Kabaddi Premier League (KPL). This exploration encompasses the rich history, teams, players, and comprehensive insights into these globally acclaimed Kabaddi leagues, offering a thorough understanding of the sport’s dynamic and exciting facets.

In recent years, Kabaddi has witnessed a tremendous jump in popularity across the globe, and So does kabaddi betting. The sport of kabaddi is played in many countries, and its popularity took a huge leap, especially after the rise of the pro kabaddi league. Kabaddi is extremely popular in South Asia, but this sport has yet to get recognition in the Olympics. Played at different age group categories in the world. Game of kabaddi isn’t just about physical toughness, it’s all about mental, physical, analytical, and a lot of other factors. In the world of kabaddi betting gives you many opportunities for successful wagering by providing tips, analysis, odds, and a lot to explore.

List of best kabaddi competitions played around the world

1. Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Founded in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is India’s best professional Kabaddi competition, dedicated to fostering the sport’s growth and popularity nationwide. With a mission to elevate Kabaddi’s appeal, PKL serves as a crucial platform for skilled athletes to showcase their prowess on a professional stage. The PKL functions through a franchise model, with teams owned by individuals, corporations, or organizations. 

The tournament has 12 teams, representing various Indian cities, participated in the league. Each team consists of 18-20 players, including a mix of domestic and international players. The league plays an important role in enhancing Kabaddi’s global recognition and popularity, setting its status as a dynamic and widely celebrated sport on the international stage.

The tournament is been played in a round-robin format, featuring each team facing every other team twice. The league phase culminates with the top four teams progressing to the playoffs. This stage encompasses two semi-finals, a third-place playoff, and a crucial final. The team emerging victorious in the final is crowned the PKL champion.

Established to immense acclaim, the league has surged in popularity across India, captivating millions of fervent fans tuning in via television and online platforms. This widespread enthusiasm has not only bolstered the league’s standing within the nation but also propelled Kabaddi to international recognition. The league’s inclusive ethos is underscored by the vibrant engagement of global players, solidifying its pivotal role in advancing Kabaddi on a global stage.

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has effectively shaped Kabaddi’s growth in India, discovering new talented young players and offering them professional opportunities and platforms to showcase their talents. Beyond player development, the league has generated employment for coaches and support staff, contributing to the sport’s overall ecosystem. Since its beginning, the PKL has proven highly successful, elevating Kabaddi’s status in India and globally. This league has achieved household recognition in India, drawing millions of viewers globally and solidifying its position as a key player in the evolution and promotion of Kabaddi as a widely recognized and celebrated sport. With its worldwide popularity, PKL Kabaddi betting is keeping wagers interested in the game. 96in mobile app gives you expert opinion, blogs, types of bets, and many other options for gaining more.

2. Kabaddi Masters

Originating in South Asian culture, Kabaddi has evolved into a lucrative franchise, especially embraced in India. The Kabaddi Masters, organized by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF), features top national teams in intense global competition. This event seamlessly combines tradition and modern sportsmanship, drawing a diverse and passionate audience, and showcasing the sport’s worldwide allure. Embodying the dynamic evolution of this ancient contact sport, Kabaddi’s success is evident in its enthusiastic Asian following. To engage with the excitement of the Kabaddi Masters, consider exploring the betting options available on the website or app.

The first Kabaddi Masters occurred in 2018 in Dubai, UAE, featuring six teams: India, Pakistan, Kenya, Iran, South Korea, and Japan. Using a round-robin format, teams competed for dominance, with the top four earning spots in the semifinals, adding intensity to the tournament.

The Kabaddi Masters, a prestigious global tournament, showcases elite players from various nations, highlighting their skills and intense competition. Serving as a crucial preparatory ground, it readies teams for major international events such as the Kabaddi World Cup and the Asian Games. This event is a pivotal moment, uniting top talent and fostering a spirited environment, advancing kabaddi on the world stage.

3. Kabaddi World Cup

The International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) organizes the Kabaddi World Cup every four years in various nations. This global competition showcases Kabaddi, a contact sport widely embraced in Southern Asia, featuring diverse regional adaptations in India. Additionally, Kabaddi enjoys popularity in Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the United Kingdom, underscoring its global appeal. The tournament serves as a platform for teams from around the world to compete, fostering international camaraderie and promoting the sport’s widespread recognition.

India has asserted its supremacy in Kabaddi, clinching victory in every tournament held to date. The competition features 12 men’s and 6 women’s teams vying for the coveted title. Kabaddi, a captivating sport demanding remarkable athleticism, skill, and strategy, has garnered global acclaim, explaining its widespread popularity.

4. Asian Games

In 1990, Kabaddi debuted as a medal event. From 2002 to 2014, India dominated both men’s and women’s Kabaddi at the Asian Games. The 2018 Asian Games marked a shift when Iran secured the first non-Indian golds, with India’s men earning bronze and women settling for silver. Fast forward to the 2022 Asian Games in 2023, held in China, where India reclaimed its Kabaddi supremacy. The men’s team clinched gold by defeating Iran in the finals, while the women’s team triumphed over Taipei, securing a gold medal. This victory reaffirms India’s prowess in Kabaddi on the international stage.

5. National Kabaddi Championship

Established in 1952, the National Kabaddi Championship stands as India’s oldest recognized Kabaddi tournament. A pivotal annual event, it garners significance as the premier Kabaddi competition in the country. Teams from diverse state kabaddi federations partake in fierce battles, vying for supremacy in this prestigious tournament. The competition spans multiple categories, encompassing Sub-Junior, Junior, and Senior divisions for both males and females. Each category unfolds at distinct times throughout the year. Employing a dual-format structure, the National Kabaddi Championship features round-robin stages and playoffs, adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to this esteemed sporting event.

6. Federation Cup

Introduced in 2013, the Federation Cup has emerged as a prominent Kabaddi event in India. Featuring the top 8 teams from the National Championship, both male and female categories engage in fierce competition. The tournament adopts a league-cum-knockout format, with the top two teams progressing to the semi-finals. Following a structure similar to the National Championships, the Federation Cup is an annual event conducted across different age groups, encompassing both junior and senior categories.

7. Kabaddi Circle Cup

The Kabaddi World Cup stands as one of the top-tier global leagues for Kabaddi, now known as the Kabaddi Circle Cup for its Circle style variant also called Kushti Kabaddi. India’s men’s Kabaddi team has clinched numerous titles in both Standard and Circle styles, solidifying their dominance. Notably, Pakistan shares the distinction with India as the only other team to secure a Kabaddi World Cup title, highlighting the intense competition in this revered sport.

The International Kabaddi Federation orchestrates the event, and the Kabaddi World Cup in Standard style debuted in Mumbai in 2004, seeing India clinch the inaugural title. The five teams are grouped into two pools, and the top two from each advance to the semi-finals, intensifying the competition in the prestigious Kabaddi World Cup.

The Kabaddi Circle Cup has evolved into a significant international Kabaddi league, captivating betting enthusiasts worldwide as they eagerly watch premier teams compete in the arena. Audiences globally tune in to witness and place bets through 96in on top-notch Kabaddi action, highlighting the sport’s growing global appeal.


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Kabaddi has been played since ancient times in India, and it is very popular among subcontinent countries, played in almost every village in all parts of India. Recently, India won the last Kabaddi World Cup, a Gold medal in the Asian games, and are No.1 ranked kabaddi team in the world.
Pro Kabaddi League aka PKL is the biggest kabaddi league with millions of viewers around the world. It has 12 teams now, and winners of the 3-month-long tournament get good prize money.