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List of most popular football tournaments in the world

Just like its excitement, thrill, and passion, Football stands as the world’s most favored sport for betting, thanks to the abundance of thrilling domestic, continental, and international competitions held annually. Punters consistently find enticing opportunities to bettors in premier football tournaments.

Best 10 football tournaments around the world

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup stands as the pinnacle of global football, a coveted international competition staged in a different nation every four years. Tradition dictates a rotation across continents, with future hosts chosen well in advance.

Historically, the tournament features 32 teams divided into eight groups, where the top two from each group progress to the knockout stage. However, plans for expansion loom, aiming to include 48 teams in upcoming editions. This adjustment would entail a tournament restructuring, introducing an additional knockout phase.

Inaugurated in 1930, the World Cup’s inaugural champion was Uruguay. Over the years, only eight teams have claimed victory, with Brazil leading the tally at five championships. Spain, the latest addition to the winners’ circle, triumphed in 2010. The current titleholder, Argentina, secured their victory in the Qatar 2022 final by defeating France in a penalty shootou

The Summer Olympics 

The Summer Olympics serves as the stage for international men’s and women’s football. The tournament, held in a different host city every four years, is scheduled for its upcoming edition in Paris in 2024. The men’s competition imposes specific restrictions, requiring squads to consist predominantly of players under 23, with only three exceptions allowed. In contrast, the women’s competition holds significant importance in women’s football, ranking second only to the Women’s World Cup.

UEFA Champions League 

The Champions League stands as the premier club accolade in European football, featuring an annual competition among the finest teams from top continental divisions. The allocation of slots to each country hinges on UEFA’s league rankings, with the Premier League securing a prominent position, allowing four teams to participate annually. Spanning the domestic season, matches occur mid-week, commencing with group stages in September and progressing to knock-out stages in February, culminating in the grand final held in May.

UEFA European Championship 

The Euros, officially the UEFA European Championship, stands as Europe’s premier international football competition. Staged quadrennially, it gathers 24 teams, evolving from its inaugural 1960 edition. The tournament structure has undergone multiple modifications over the years. Employing a group-stage initiation leading to knockout phases, it expanded from 16 to 24 teams in 2016, and further adjustments may loom. Spain and Germany boast the most triumphs in its storied history, each clinching the coveted trophy thrice.

Women’s World Cup 

The premier accolade in women’s football, the Women’s World Cup, occurs every four years since its inception in 1991. The upcoming 2023 edition, hosted by Australia and New Zealand, will mark the debut of a 32-team format, aligning with the men’s tournament structure with both group-stage and knockout rounds.

Copa América

The Copa América, South America’s counterpart to the Euros, is the oldest continental football competition globally, organized by CONMEBOL. Over the years, it has evolved, and the upcoming edition will see significant changes. A groundbreaking agreement will include six CONCACAF teams in the tournament, marking a historic shift.

Copa Libertadores

The premier South American club competition, Copa Libertadores, is organized yearly by CONMEBOL, boasting 47 teams from 10 associations. Kicking off in February, the tournament concludes with a rotating November final venue. Emulating other elite football events, it employs a round-robin format, followed by three knockout stages culminating in the grand final.

UEFA Europa League 

The UEFA Europa League, Europe’s secondary club competition, runs parallel to domestic seasons, featuring Thursday games. Comprising 58 teams annually, it welcomes those dropping from the Champions League after the group stage.

Africa Cup of Nations

AFCON, or the Africa Cup of Nations, stands as Africa’s premier international competition, occurring biennially. The event features 52 teams initially, culminating in a final tournament with 24 teams. Similar to other major international competitions, it rotates host countries for each edition.

FA Cup 

The English FA Cup, the world’s oldest and largest national football competition, involves 700+ teams nationwide. Beginning in August and culminating in May, it features a straight knockout format. The first round proper, joined by Football League clubs in November, welcomes Premier League and Championship teams in the third round.

Premier League

Established in 1992, the Premier League, with 20 teams playing 380 matches annually, is widely regarded as the globe’s premier football competition. Renowned for its unpredictability, any team can triumph on a given day. Attracting top-tier players and managers, it enjoys a massive global audience, solidifying its status as one of the most prestigious and thrilling leagues worldwide.

Where are the three biggest football competitions held?

Major football tournaments, such as the World Cup and UEFA Champions League, alter their hosting locations for each edition. The World Cup, occurring every four years, shifts to a new country, changing continents with each iteration. Qatar hosted the most recent edition in 2022, and the upcoming one will take place in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in 2026. Similarly, the UEFA Champions League relocates its final venue annually, while group stages, round of 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals unfold at the home stadiums of participating teams. Continental championships like the Euros and the African Cup of Nations vary their hosting nations within their respective continents.

Football Betting Tips for betting on the biggest tournaments

Football is the most popular global sport to bet on. Following these five betting tips may help you get ahead on 96in:

  • Conduct thorough research before placing bets, a practice crucial across all sports, including football. With its global popularity, football boasts numerous teams, tournaments, and players, making it imperative to stay well-informed. Invest time in understanding the format, rules, and various bet types applicable to the tournament in question. Additionally, assess the form of individual teams and players, examining their historical performances in past tournaments and scrutinizing essential statistics. By prioritizing comprehensive research, you enhance your betting strategy, ensuring a nuanced grasp of the dynamic elements influencing outcomes in the diverse landscape of football competitions.
  • Maximize your football exposure: It may seem straightforward, but immersing yourself in as much football as possible is key. With an abundance of football content accessible today, take advantage of live-streams showcasing matches worldwide to gain insights into diverse tournaments and formats. Capitalize on the extensive analysis offered on platforms like YouTube, podcasts, and other audio/visual channels. In essence, the more football you consume, the better your understanding and betting prowess will become.
  • Maintaining a log of your wagers is crucial for enhancing your betting skills. Firstly, it aids in effective budget management, a fundamental aspect of successful gambling. Secondly, it provides valuable insights into the markets that suit your strengths and those that don’t. By consistently recording your bets, you can identify areas of expertise, such as predicting scorers or making outright bets, while recognizing potential weaknesses, such as misjudging over/under markets. This practice serves as a strategic tool for refining your betting strategy, ensuring financial responsibility, and optimizing your overall success in the realm of gambling.
  • Utilize betting functionalities: Given the widespread appeal of football betting, leading bookmakers frequently provide features such as enhanced odds and early payouts for matches. Being vigilant for these opportunities and capitalizing on them can significantly enhance your chances of increasing your winnings.
  • Maintain objectivity: A common error in football betting is showing bias. Supporting your team or consistently betting against your rival team can result in significant losses. For instance, being a devoted Everton fan doesn’t mandate wagering on Liverpool’s defeat every week, particularly when they are frequently favored. Adhering to statistical analysis rather than succumbing to emotional attachments is crucial for minimizing potential losses.

People also ask

The UEFA Champions League boasts the largest known prize pool in top football tournaments, totaling €2.032 billion. Of this amount, 55% is allocated to participating teams, 30% to coefficient payments, and 15% to broadcasting fees. Meanwhile, the World Cup holds the highest prize pool among international tournaments, reaching approximately $440 million.
The 2026 FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 11th, concluding with the final on Sunday, July 19th, 2026. While the venue for the final remains unconfirmed, the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey is strongly considered as the top choice.
The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be co-hosted by the USA, Canada, and Mexico, with the USA playing host to the majority of the games. There will be 16 stadiums used in the tournament, 11 from the United States, three from Mexico, and two from Canada.
The Champions League and FA Cup attract substantial annual bets, but the World Cup eclipses both, emerging as the primary revenue generator in betting. The 2022 tournament alone amassed around $35 billion (£22.8 billion) in wagers.